Sunday, October 30, 2011



Since I'm going to be going to a Halloween party anyways, I'm going to make pumpkin pie bites for comparison (I can't eat 48 of those things on my own...).  The question is, do I use the pumpkin puree from the can or bake my own pumpkin? 

OMGoodness, I'm going to probably eat all these before the party.

The store brand: Libby's Pumpkin

My recipe (for the pumpkin puree):
- Preheat oven to 450º.
- Cut pumpkin in half (harder than it sounds).
- Place cut side down in baking dish.
- Fill baking dish with ~1/2" of water.
- Bake 45 mins - 1 hr until pumpkin in soft.

- Scoop out filling and puree in food processor until smooth.

My pumpkin puree came out a little bit runny, so I drained it through a cheesecloth to thicken it to the consistency of canned puree.

So, how do they compare?  Mine is a lot lighter (I think it was the variety of pumpkin I used).  Even after straining the puree, it was thinner than the canned.  Nutrition-wise they are exactly the same - the only ingredient in the canned pumpkin is, well, just that - pumpkin.

If you want the recipe for the pumpkin pie bites, you can get it here:

And the price comparison?
            Size     Cost        Cost/oz
Libby's Pumpkin15 oz $      1.95  $           0.13
Homemade4 cups  $      5.00  $           0.15

Hmm, so it actually costs more to roast your own pumpkin.  The taste was a little different - the canned pumpkin was more of a typical pumpkin taste, while mine was a little more like squash.  In the recipe, my roasted pumpkin tasted a little smoother, but the color of the canned was bright orange (great for my desserts!).

So in the end, we have a can of bright orange pumpkin puree from a can that is pure roasted pumpkin that costs less than my pumpkin.

Bake or Buy?  BUY!


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